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Why Patients Trust Us

Brick and Click prides itself on being a reliable online pharmacy that meets the needs of its customers without ever compromising their health or well-being. Whenever you purchase prescription medicines from Brick and Click, you can be confident of the following:

Brick and Click is a legal and certified business
Unlike many other online pharmacies - that operate from overseas where they can avoid strict U.S. regulations and accountability - Brick and Click is a U.S. based, "brick and click" mail order pharmacy service. Put simply, this means that as well as offering online services via the Web, we also operate traditional retail outlets within the U.S., staffed by state licensed pharmacists. Indeed, all of our services are owned and operated from within the U.S., including our call center.

All medicines administered by Brick and Click are FDA approved and American sourced
We offer you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that all the generic and branded medicines we prescribe to you are authentic and FDA approved - rather than potentially dangerous copies sourced from overseas.

We will always protect your privacy, and all private health information will remain confidential
Brick and Click strictly adheres to all U.S. laws that protect your private health information. A full disclosure of our privacy practices can be read here

We will keep our prices low and our service quality high
Even though we are offering you the very highest quality of service - free online consultations with U.S. licensed doctors, free overnight delivery and 100% FDA approved drugs - our prices are surprisingly competitive.

You will receive your prescription drugs quickly and efficiently
Brick and Click provides free, overnight delivery via FedEx. In the rare event that you should receive damaged/defective/incorrect items in your order, we will gladly replace the items or refund you the full amount.

We accept:

We accept

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