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Ordering your prescription medicine online with Brick and Click is fast and convenient. We provide a reliable online pharmacy service; free online consultations with U.S. licensed doctors; 100% FDA approved drugs; plus free overnight shipping.

Enjoy prescription medicine online delivered from our store to your door, in three easy steps:

1. Once you have selected the prescription medicine online that you require, proceed to checkout where you will complete a medical questionnaire and payment information.

2. Your order, along with your completed medical questionnaire, will then be evaluated by a licensed physician, and an electronic prescription generated.

3. The prescription will be then be reviewed and filled by our pharmacist, and shipped to you free overnight via FedEx.

Free Prescription

Brick and Click offers all our customers free medical advice via an online consultation with a licensed medical doctor. If recommended by one of our licensed medical doctors, you will receive a free prescription.

Free Prescription

We provide free and confidential online consultations with state licensed doctors and pharmacists. Find out more about this service, and how we are helping people across the U.S. to safeguard their health.

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We accept

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